House  with Torii ,  Birchgrove

Our client had lived in Japan for a number of years.They commissioned a large stainless steel sculpture from Bert Flugelman that took the form of a curvilinear portal or gateway at the water's edge. Interestingly after our clients sold the house to move overseas, the new owners, also lovers of all things Japanese, filled the spot vacated by the Flugelman with a more traditional gateway: a Japanese red Torii. The idea of a symbolic separation  between the spiritual and the profane, given continuity. Our first use of frame-less cantilevered glass treads is a staircase. Fish ponds at front and rear of the house provide visual extension to the harbour outlook.

House with Torii  has featured in the following publications :

Builder: Sydney Commercial Builders ; 

Structural engineer: SDA Structures ; 

  Project Completion: 2007

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